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To tackle big, thorny challenges, you need big, unconventional ideas.

That’s what you’ll find here: boundary-pushing proposals for changing the way organizations work and leaders lead — from setting strategy to allocating resources to designing work to rewarding and compensating individuals.

Check out the disruptive ideas and radical fixes posted by your fellow MIXers below — and join them in stirring the pot by proposing your own. A hack can be as seemingly basic as a better way to run meetings or as high-stakes as a complete overhaul of the compensation system — as long as it turns the tables on management-as-usual and offers up a pathway to progress on one of the moonshots.

The MIX Lab / Hacks

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

Without genetic modification we are not going to change the basic structure of the human brain, nor its basic behavioral working parameters.
Hack by John Barbuto on May 11, 2012
In 2002, I published how to prevent 90% of chronic kidney disease. With only 10% of kidney patients left, there will be enough kidneys for them. So my goal is to make the world dialysis-free by 2020.
Hack by David Moskowitz MD on December 1, 2010
Safety culture within all industries including the electrical industry is clothed in an influence of leadership style.
Hack by Glenn Robertson on October 3, 2012
The basic premise behind what is being presented here is that capitalism as an economic system is the ideal.
Hack by Andrew Wallace on May 7, 2012
The idea is to build an exchnage of idea's where you can sell your idea for anything for money.
Hack by Yoni Assia on March 2, 2012
Organisations look for flexibility and are progressively integrated with the key employees .Value, Infrequency, impersonation and replace ability are the things which need to be considered for an orga
Hack by Saraswathi Pabbaraju on March 20, 2011
I would like to draw the attention of the readers towards a old socialist democratic culture for some inspiration. Lets look at the oldest surviving capitalists from India.
Hack by Hari K on March 16, 2012
Interoperability is not confined to network systems it should be an inclusive tool for managing an organization.
Hack by Reggie Arnold on March 14, 2011
Many companies today want to achieve exponential growth, but do not have the right strategy for the same.
Hack by Pravin Rajpal on March 14, 2011
The two most important factors in having a dynamic and free organization are leadership and culture and climate. All the other seven are subsumed in the two.
Hack by Leodegardo Pruna on January 13, 2012