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Visualizing Content, Ideas and Linkages/Relationships as a Graphs

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Visualizing Content, Ideas and Linkages/Relationships as a Graphs

By Rawn Shah on February 22, 2013

As others like Deborah Mills-Scofield has pointed out, we have a great deal of textual content here. But I think we need not just a short summary, but to look at the information in different ways: - management topic relationships - people relationships - company particulars (e.g. size, industry) - social capital (the likes, comments, shares, etc of the idea) - and ways to suggest new linkages I'd suggest a tool that allowed people to diagram these linkages, perhaps boxes representing ideas and colored lines representing different types of linkages. It is simply needs to be a web/network graph A short visual diagram can enormously help to sort, relate, and connect. E.g., Michele's idea of a diagnostic can come out of creating a flow diagram from a particular idea hack. Another way would be to create a larger graph that connects different idea hacks together. I can see us hacking our own variations of such patterns as a meta-hack (not just within one), and each offering a new possible pattern reusing or recombining ideas in the Mix. This is what I thought of in reading Jan Robert Johnsen's suggestion for a toolbox.

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Hi Rawn, thanks for your very thoughtful topics. Openideo has implemented something called a "collaboration map": Is this consistent with what you're thinking about?

thanks again


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First, you have done a good job to try and re-surface good ideas and I applaud you for that. I'd like to add here that we all find more ways to apply the good ideas people bring -- and that we use more "toolbox" tactics to make real-life applications happen at a wider scale and from diverse teams. Nice start! Thanks for all you have done in that direction. Ellen

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Thanks. By pushing reuse -- and indicators like buttons for "I've used / done this" -- I think we can strike a balance between entirely new ideas every time and finding reusable patterns. Too much of one or the other is a trap in itself.