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More interaction among M-Prize Finalists

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More interaction among M-Prize Finalists

By Susan Resnick West on February 13, 2013

While submitting our M-prize entry was an incredible experience for my team, I would have loved more interaction with other finalists. The stories were incredible and I would love to learn from the awesome contributors. Perhaps the judges could do a little match making by pairing finalists and encouraging them to help each other improve their hack/intervention. The “prize” could be something that rewarded collaboration and dialogue. In my early experience with the MIX, we did a lot together; I felt a part of something. It was fun and I extended my network. Of course it was summer and I had more time to participate but I’m glad I had that experience, it bonded me to the MIX.

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steve-wallin's picture

Ditto! One of the more appealing aspects of being selected was the idea you would be invited into future "Think Tanks" sponsored by the MIX.

A one day event to share stories and brainstorm/evolve ideas would be great.

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Completely agree! I'd be there in a heartbeat. By the time an individual or team does all the work to qualify as a Finalist, there's clearly a huge passion for the topic and thirst to engage...

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I love this idea. What a great way to extend your personal network and connect with other finalists. Along the same lines, maybe we should host a reception prior to the next MIX Mashup for M-Prize finalists to meet in person and get some quality time to spend together. This would be a nice way to ensure some meaningful relationships and conversations have already occurred before the mashup even officially begins.

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I like this idea a lot! I think there is a lot that you get when you bounce ideas off other like-minded people from across the world... If you could pick themes out from the entries and require collaboration that might be a tremendous experience!

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100% agreed.
Building up on the individuals and co-authored submissions is a key dynamic we need to promote.