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MIX meets Pinterest

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MIX meets Pinterest

By Alberto Blanco on February 24, 2013

I used to have the impression that Pinterest was just another-silly-social-network-around the web. Then, my girlfriend showed me how wrong I was. She uses Pinterest as her canvas for inspiration. Through the use of its “boards” she has been collecting and organizing ideas for her own entrepreneurial projects and dreams. Moreover, one of my cousins told me two days ago how she actually monetizes her love for Pinterest by crafting and selling DIY-jewelry-designs that she discovers there. And then, I also discovered Trello, a simple collaboration tool for projects, which I believe was inspired by Pinterest’s boards too.

All of this has helped me come up with the idea of emulating the Pinterest user experience to enliven our MIX profiles. I’ve even come up with a simple prototype with three boards, as per below:

1) Hacking buddies (some of the fellow Mixers that I have worked with or met personally, and consider now my friends)

2) Hacks that I want to test

3) Tools that I use

You can check the prototype here (which is basically my Pinterest profile with some content for the very first time!)

On the other hand, by setting up a “general wall” we can also have the opportunity to check out and share someone else’s boards and profiles, thus, bringing idea sharing and user interaction into a new different level.

Our MIX general wall could look like something like this (what I just did was to search “management innovation exchange” in Pinterest’s homepage) 

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Alberto-- this is fantastic-- and I love the prototype you put together at the link above--the idea of being able to show your hacking buddies is really interesting to me, I'm eager to see us doing even more to make it easy for relationships between MIXers to form, not just relationships between contributors and the MIX.

For one interesting experiment along these lines that came out of this hackathon, check this out:

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Thanks Chris! I'm really excited about this idea and everything that could facilitate and strengthen the bond between Mixers. I also checked the virtual-beverage hack and I love it!