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In an era of hyper change and hyper competition, where webbed networks level all points of control, and today's participants abhor centralization, work and life demand a new way, a more natural way.&n
Story by Rick Hansen on July 14, 2013
Leadership practices have something in common with aging rock bands that continue to headline in obscure little venues: both have passed their prime yet fail to recognize it.
Hack by Jane Perdue on October 31, 2011
My vision is for a transformational organisation.  Transformational leadership creating transformed employees.  A holistic approach where people matter.  Old norms of control, power, ma
Hack by John Cooper on March 1, 2011
We spend a large part of the day at work, and when it affects our well-being, all aspects of our lives are bound to suffer.
Story by Mike T Deane on May 24, 2021