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Know how to project power, counsels Stanford management professor Bob Sutton, since those you lead need to believe you have it for it to be effective. And to lock in your team’s loyalty, boldly defend their backs. Bosses matter. They matter because more than 95 percent of all people in the...
Blog by McKinsey & Company on August 30, 2010
We all know the days of expecting a job for life are over.  Job security as we knew it is gone.  This begs the question, if that was the psychological contract, what is the new psy
Hack by Ruth Skye Oakley on December 25, 2010
Here are some commonsense, yet often violated, rules about power that can help make you more successful--and, even better, equip you to cope with today's organizational realities: You need to take care of yourself. Companies have been telling employees this for decades. The implication: don't worry...
Blog by Jeffrey Pfeffer on February 18, 2011