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A few weeks ago we shared twenty-four real-world case studies and bold hacks for accelerating the shift to a more principled, patient, and socially accountable capitalism. After much debate and some wrenching decision-making among the judges, we’re delighted to announce the winners of the Long-Term Capitalism Challenge —the third leg of the HBR/McKinsey M-Prize for Management Innovation.
Blog by Polly LaBarre on June 11, 2012
Co-authored by Conor Kehoe . Dominic Barton is the Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company. Conor Kehoe is a Director in McKinsey's London office. Mindsets matter. For more than two years, we and others have been talking about the need to shift the prevailing view among managers, boards...
Blog by Dominic Barton on May 9, 2012
It’s an idea with few enemies—and many authors: how do we renew the soul of capitalism and fundamentally reimagine it for a new age and a new set of challenges? That was the question we put to a global community of hackers and innovators in the Long-Term Capitalism Challenge . Specifically, what real world experiment or bold ideas are you advancing to accelerate the shift toward a more principled, patient, and social accountable capitalism?
Blog by Polly LaBarre on May 21, 2012