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The organization as we know it is changing rapidly. Right now, traditional hierarchical organizations are becoming more social, open, transparent, inclusive, diverse... the list can go on!
Hack by Stephen Remedios on December 5, 2013
Cloud-based software tools to support the transformation to liberated work teams by relying on evidence-based, high performance practices. 
Hack by Mike Tobias on December 16, 2013
You’ve dished it out before, and you’ve taken it. “Well, good morning. Nice of you to finally join us!” “He’s always taking long lunches.” “Wish I could leave at 4:30 every day...must be nice!” “Is he ever at his desk?” “Sure must be great to work from home every Friday.” “Seems like she uses all...
Blog by Jody Thompson on November 20, 2013
Co-Authored By Cali Ressler
Over the last decade, digital, social, and mobile technologies have greatly expanded the scope of personal freedom—the freedom to connect with anyone anywhere in the world; the freedom to contribute and to make a real impact on the basis of merit rather than position; the freedom to create and...
Have you ever had the experience of running from one meeting to the next all day long?  Using your lunch "break" as the only time to get your actual work done?
Hack by Ben Biddle on October 23, 2013
For too long the ruling ideology of too many organizations has been control: controlling people, controlling information, controlling deviations from the norm. The good news is that we already have a potent model of freedom as an organizing principle. It’s called the Internet. While the Web has its...
The five digital freedoms - the freedom to connect, contribute, create, challenge, and choose - portend change for all organizations regardless of industry or geography. There is no stopping people from expecting the same opportunities in their work life as they experience in the personal lives...
Blog by Carol Rozwell on October 29, 2013
Many of us who took natural science courses during our undergraduate work were exposed to the story of the boiled frog experiment. The experiment showed that a frog sitting in a beaker of water would not attempt to escape if the water was heated gradually enough. The lesson we are supposed to learn...
Blog by Carol Rozwell on September 13, 2013