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HR as a Catalyst for Proactive Change

May 14 9am PDT
A Maverick Hangout with Gary Hamel and Peter Cheese

HR as a catalyst for proactive change—a Maverick Hangout with Peter Cheese and Gary Hamel

Is your organization changing as fast at the world around it?

Let’s face it: for most organizations, the answer is no. The ability to reconfigure the underlying business concept isn’t in the DNA of most companies. That’s because the broad majority of organizations operate according to industrial-era practices and principles designed to maximize standardization, specialization, predictability, and top-down authority. Yet, to survive (much less thrive) in an era marked by accelerating change and hyper-competition organizations must adopt a completely different set of management principles and practices.

At the center of so many of an organization's core processes—from talent development, review and compensation to organizational development to change management—HR has the chance to be a true catalyst for strategic adaptability. But where does any single HR organization or HR leader begin when it comes to changing how their organization changes? How can HR help to “hack” the company’s management model to spur adaptability?

In this Maverick Hangout, Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of CIPD, and Gary Hamel, London Business School Professor and co-founder of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX), teamed up to discuss how to begin the journey to transform the HR function into a true catalyst for proactive change.

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