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Creating Value in the Social Era

Jan 23 8am PST

A Maverick Hangout with Nilofer Merchant, author of The New How and Creating Value in the Social Era, on leading, innovating, and creating value in the social era.

The mega challenge behind so many of the major challenges leaders face in the transition from the industrial to the innovation era is ultimately one of transcending tradeoffs. How do we make profit and purpose, scale and humanity, competition and community, focus and collaboration, discipline and creativity, power and generosity, individual and institution, “both/and’s” rather than “either/or’s?”

Nilofer Merchant has been applying her capacious mind, bold spirit, and real-world experience to those challenges for two decades. In her two books, The New How: Creating Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy and Creating Value in the #SocialEra she offers up a radical reimagining of what it means to lead, innovate, and create genuine value today.

In our Maverick Hangout, Nilofer shared her powerful point of view about the Social Era—what is it exactly, how do individuals and organizations alike embrace it and thrive in it? She offered up some profound insights around creating value the Social Era, including:

  • The power of connections
  • The nature of power
  • The shift from control to collaboration
  • ”Onlyness” as the key to success
  • Strategies for unlocking, amplifying, and rewarding contribution from all quarters
  • Creating trust
  • Building in adaptability and flexibility
  • Moving from closed to open
  • Cultivating a genuine sense of purpose

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