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(Not just) "Another HR Brick in the Wall"

This is not a statement about Education.Which we would not need.

It is an attempt to shoot for a double-click or triple-click : convince every HR pro to pay attention at (aligned) individuals in order to (seriously) manage competencies, with precised grids and definitions is making the assessment task easier. 

Although  it has few effect on the development part.

Apart from some feedback benefits for good, humble and not too fragile listeners.

Movieshot of The Wall / Credit :  Alan Parker.(Director)

It takes time and does not reflect much the potential (in and out of the box, whatever your grid/box design) , nor the combined competencies of a group.

To click and move from competencies assessment to talent development is sometimes a stretch.

Although a MUST, if the organization target is adaptability.

To click twice (and eliminate the roll-back possibility), it is necessary to manage the collective and co-operative competencies, while working on talent development over the individual level.

That is to say to select talented people to interfere with others, not only randomly but with a designed pattern of exposure.



Coaching, mentoring, project assignment, position shift are classics.

"Social business time", "start-up mode", "spin-off experience", "think-tank" events, "boot camp" are more adanced adaptability development tools or paths examples.. : you name it and you can even invent a new one.

There is a wide open space of experimentation out there. (Is there anybody out there? ...R.Waters).

First degree echoing Co16  - Co-anchoring (and square-echoing  D16-In/In Black Hole:  Build a foundation of distinct widely shared innovation insights).

"We don't need no education."......BUT the one for innovation insights, to better dis-aligned the process and outputs of each individual creativity and the capacity to lift anchor from unique thoughts and consensus sands, and to throw and grab it into collaborative  (blue or red ocean? cf related innovation theory) weeds.

One demanding example is what I called "Entangled Talents" in the Management Innovation challenge.Where 2 peers are discovering and  learning together, and remain bonded as such. Not the simplest one.

Another lead is much more conventional, however not so systematically designed with a purpose or analysed : "exposure to diversity".

Not so much background diversity, or multi-cultural, than action and reaction behaviors wide scope. As well as visions and values gaps.Opposite of consensus and full alignment.

Stretch as a collective development exercise.

Queuing talents on a career path leading to a board) are in a too much safe and pre-determined position to grow as agile entrepreneurs.

Another brick in the wall is not the way to design organic, adaptable, organization.

Hall of Fame is not build with (w)all of the same.(...copyright myself...not sure it perfectly fits the idea but it sounds profound and cool)

Bouncing energetic particles of very diverse sizes, mass and speed is a harder picture to capture, but enables more options.

The LOFT FaceWall. Community live example posted on line and printed solid.

Squat version of 2011.Credit FJL.

Bees and Ants colonies and superior webs of colonies are acting the same way, for those attracted by living creatures and societies, more than abstract tiny components of everything.

Alive and kicking organism, or still as minerals bricks and walls.

It is not a call for entropy or anarchy, but a real appetite for collective interactions patterns scrutinizing.In oreder to take adavantage of such winning combinations.

Options and choices; Alternative paths.Allowing more bets.

And adaptation moves escaping environment changes, hazards and predators.



HR process being hacked:Learning and Development

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"Is there anbody out zHR?" (Credits : Waters)