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More Cubed - Involvement - Performance - Opportunity

By Huw Morris on June 15, 2013


A cross-function process that routinely, collects from across the organisation ideas for meeting client expectations better then competitors and for closing the gap between current performance and the enterprise ambition - as articulated in values statements etc.  This would capture employees views of developments in the marketplace and potential responses as well as internal issues. The process would incorporate Incentives for leaders to actively own this process and exploit the mine of thinking - and to articulate objectives for their people that help them develop capabilities that close the gaps between ambition and performance by developing the skills, capabilities and experience needed. Moreover these would be structured to move individuals towards their personal career goals through action learning (as well as addressing current performance needs).


I envisage 4 outcomes of this process. Firstly, tackling the hierarchy and decision bias enemies of adaptability. Secondly more engaged people, Thirdly better mid term enterprise performance (creating more opportunity) and finally lower spend on head-hunters as existing people are better developed to meet needs of the enterprises future leaders etc. at all levels


HR process being hacked:Learning and Development

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To my mind the first priority is to be clear about the business purpose, understand the challenges a business faces and to define what success looks like. Only then can you consider what needs to change and how you should go about it - the process that is likely to work.

If your purpose is to become more agile and responsive to customer requirements parhaps the first place to start is to get you hands on any feedback data and insight that is already available and use this to create a reality check and the need to do things differently.

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I buy the idea of working in parallel the company business adaptability and individual adaptabilty by active learning, within a contribution to the company environment watch.

It would be quite a win-win and turbo loop.
Fueled by cost efficient internal energy as per your last point.