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Is bureaucracy bad?

I see bureaucracy in my organization in... 

Every department and working group has a bureaucratic correlation with each other that this is a kind of regulation which was memorized by all the workers.

Bureaucracy makes my job harder or easier by... 

Let us define what we understand about this word. Like most who wish to influence with somehow lack of information or knowledge may find it difficult. In a root explanation, the bureaucracy is systems tool to formulate the way of working and to many of your surprise the father of ISO. Please be aware at certain era there need to be changes of the names about management or relationship. If you have ISO certificate, do you frankly admit there are many foolish steps that you and your workers must obey? Do you ever compare the difference about the philosophy? So where you are, in a bureaucracy in fact. If we want to make something good for the working life, we need to come up an agreement how to interpret and communicate easily and prompt so that we, as globally, may have good results in production. Next step will be how to control all the production in a most effective way avoiding using wrong material and workmanship for both industry and consumer wise. Another point is how we control the safe food, clean water and air. The world is going crazy polluting everything by creating excuses and lying to humanity giving this as a progress in industry. It is a big lie but all such acts are coming from the misinterpretation of the international rules and regulations.
We need to have new minds and new ideas to put forth. With old brains we can change the names from bureaucracy to ISO or other forms but at the end of the day everyone is losing. What a dilemma!

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