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Balance the Cornerstones

By Randall Casey on July 1, 2013

Attitudes and Behaviour are cornerstone foundations for improving an organisations performance. They are counterbalanced by the organisations System in recognising, measuring and managing performance at the different levels of individual, team, function...through to..the organisation as a whole. Alongside this is the fourth cornerstone the Processes (hard and soft) adopted by the organisation to enable people to perform.

To achieve sustained performance improvement needs attention to all four cornerstones so that there is a balance between them. To facilitate more successful changes in any of these cornerstones essentially requires focused business coaching appropriate for each of the different levels within an organisation. By drawing across the levels on individuals supported as agents of change there is scope for better achieving the cultural aspirations of the organisation. This sets the scene for achieving the organisations business objectives in the manner in which it deems desirable.

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