It's time to reinvent management. You can help.


The Management 2.0 Hackathon

Harnessing management innovation and principles of the Web to build organizations that are fit for the future

A pioneering experiment in large-scale problem solving from the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) in collaboration with Saba and the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

The Limits of Management 1.0

Organizations face a set of challenges that lie outside the performance envelope of management-as-usual:

  • A rapidly accelerating pace of change
  • A growing swarm of unconventional rivals and crumbling entry barriers
  • A rapid transition from the “knowledge economy” to the “creative economy”

To tackle these challenges, organizations will need to become far more adaptable, innovative and inspiring than they are right now. Unfortunately the principles that underpin conventional management practices (such as hierarchy and command-and-control organizational structures) were developed 100 years ago and fall short of the demands of the 21st century. What we need is a fundamental retooling of traditional management practices—around Web-derived principles. After all, unlike most organizations, the Internet is already adaptable, innovative, and inspiring.

Hacking Management 2.0

The Management 2.0 Hackathon is a large, online, problem-solving event that will harness the collective intelligence of progressive management practitioners and technologists from around the world, using a social networking platform to collaborate. The Hackathon is a hands-on, collaborative effort focused on generating fresh and practical answers to today’s management challenges, as well as equipping participants with the skills to become inspired management innovators. It is based on the MIX’s groundbreaking methodology that will help participants:

  • Challenge conventional “Management 1.0” wisdom and diagnose its pathologies. During the Hackathon, you will learn how to challenge traditional management principles such as control and hierarchy. As you question timeworn beliefs and explore their toxic effects, you will learn to imagine radical, yet practical, alternatives to the management status quo.
  • Uncover the Web’s essential management principles. You will help uncover a set of new management tenets that are better attuned to the imperatives of the 21st century.
  • Draw lessons from today’s management vanguard. You will have the chance to surface and dig deep into the unconventional and highly successful management practices of today’s management renegades.
  • Build low-risk, high-impact management “hacks.” What’s true of product and technological innovation is also true of management innovation—experimentation is the key to rapid progress. In the Hackathon, we will jointly invent management hacks—bold new ideas that will be ready for rapid, yet prudent, experimentation.

The companies that win in the tumultuous times ahead will be those that evolve their management practices faster than their competitors—and in the Management 2.0 Hackathon, you will learn how to do just that. You’ll also be part of a bold new experiment at the bleeding edge of management practice, and have a chance to be recognized for your ideas and learn from your peers.

Here's an example of the Management 2.0 Hackathon workspace. Click on over to Saba's People Cloud to get started.