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Offer an online Interactive Leadership Program

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Offer an online Interactive Leadership Program

By Ellen Weber on February 22, 2013

Let's design and produce a high performance leadership training program that could be marketed from the MIX for leaders who want more innovation. Currently I designed and teach an MBA course for a New York Business School and it gets amazing reviews. Called - Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind - leaders find approaches to work together to draft innovations as solutions to workplace problems. That class starts with using newly learned whole brain tactics, in a co-led setting- and ends with team innovations that results from course content - applied through whole brain tactics. It's the doing that gets the innovation, and it takes applying ideas to a tangible tool to improve a broken system. This high energy in my course could also be used in the MIX -- which has so much more energy and talent! Profits made from this course could help to sustain the MIX financially -- so that people's efforts and talent eventually get remunerated. Ellen

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What a curiosity builder you've tossed out, Michele:-)

The secret to my Master Leadership course is amazingly that the leaders-in-training literally lead innovations with me as they are learning new leadership tactics.

And that cool co-leadership has added interesting spaces for their brilliance to risk, grow and develop into real workplace solutions. They rave weekly about the innovations they are coming up with - and yet they also see why more people at work complain about the problems than do the possibilities:-). Rarely is change easy:-)

Their final exam culminates in a Celebration of Innovation - where they each invite 5 leaders they admire to a sort of whole brain trade show where inventors engage guests in innovations they've designed. We're all excited already for this May 2nd event - yet much work to be done still.

Wishing all the blessings you can use to launch new innovation inter-activities Michele:-) - this community holds tons of talent!


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Hi Ellen, great idea--we've something planned on this front, so stay tuned!