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MIX Mashup

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MIX Mashup

By Taylor Tomasini on February 8, 2013

Having attended the MIX Mashup I just wanted to make a quick observation. Seth Godin writes about how we now live in a society of spectators. I felt that way about my experience at the Mashup. I wanted to talk and discuss and create and collaborate, but instead found myself as a spectator to all of the talks. Perhaps there's a page to steal from TED here.

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To truely innovate it is important to use new ways to interact. Open Space Technology or World Café are methodologies that could transform the next MIX Mashup in a very participatory, high energized event. See or
According to Open Space Technology: A User's Guide written by Harrison Owen, OST works best when these conditions are present:
1.A real issue of concern, that it is something worth talking about.
2.a high level of complexity, such that no single person or small group fully understands or can solve the issue
3.a high level of diversity, in terms of the skills and people required for a successful resolution
4.real passion and probably also conflict,[5] which implies that people genuinely care about the issue
5.a high level of urgency, meaning the time for decisions and action was "yesterday"

I think that the challenge of the MIX fullfils these conditions, so, OST is perfect as methodology for a Mashup. It would be nice that someone of the MIX staff attends to the WOSONOS next week in St Petersburg (FL). The WOSONOS is the annual event that gathers OST practitioners from around the world.

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The MIX in real time will cultivate and move with its diversifying tools online. We feel as spectators when Maverick write impressive blog -- we respond and no communication comes back. It could be so different at the MIX. Parker Palmer -- a huge change agent among traditional setbacks -- said it this way. All should speak and feel heard!

Let's make that innovative notion more of a reality at the MIX by showing how we hear on act on great suggestions. I have expressed these same suggestions many moths ago -- as have others - in asking for a diversity to show itself in finer evidence across genders, ages, and talents.

Yes, it will likely mean using a shared language that drops jargon and exchanges industry acronyms for innovation terms we share and develop. It would revolutionize workplaces by example!

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I wrote about this spectator problem a while back: on the mix as well. I was out of the country when the first MIX mashup happened literally in my back yard. I would love an opportunity to meet up with MIXers in person. While it's good to connect asynchronously, there's no substitute for meeting in person occasionally.

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I agree 100% - the room was full of amazing people doing great things but we didn't get any chance for peer-to-peer discussion or learning. The presentations were all great, but lots of us in the room had equally important experiences to share, I think.

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Thanks for the very valuable feedback, guys. We heard you loud and clear on this one!