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Hack Podcast for MIXers on the Move

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Hack Podcast for MIXers on the Move

By Jonathan Opp on February 11, 2013

The podcast format is great for busy professionals. Audio programs travel well, and they're great for playing while exercising, relaxing, or performing other activities. The format could be simple Q&A style with hosts interviewing authors of hacks that have already proven popular and useful on the MIX site. Episodes could be short at less than 10 minutes and targeted toward learning specific skills, or focused on novel hacks that listeners could put into practice immediately.

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fabio-luis-de-paoli's picture

Sounds like a great idea! It is much better to hear an informative podcast with possibly innovative ideas than regular radio while commuting. I regularly put my Kindle to read aloud HBR articles while I drive, and I've found that I absorb more listening than when I read.

vegard-igleb-k's picture

The Harvard Business Review podcasts still feel relevant and fresh in their format. How about adapting their conversational format to a MIX format?

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Thanks Jonathan, this is really helpful. One of the things we're thinking of introducing is a series of Google Hangouts, which would be broadcast live as well as available for playback at a later date. I don't think it'd be terribly difficult to turn them into podcasts as well. Curious to hear from our MIXers about the potential of the Hangout idea, as well as on the types of people you'd want to have featured in hangouts/podcasts (e.g., we think that while it'd be great to have some thought/business leaders, people might be even more interested in learning from some of the MIX leaders that have emerged from the "trenches" (e.g., M-Prize winners, authors of the best hacks from our hackathons)


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How about adding some really short videos as well?

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Great idea, thanks Jonathan! Do you think an interview format would be better for a MIX podcast, or would you rather hear MIX leaders talking on their own?

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Thanks Bruce! I don't think there would be any problem with a MIX leader talking on their own. If the topic is compelling and valuable, I'm in. But the interview format could also provide a few additional advantages:
- The dialogue could take on more of a natural, conversational tone.
- Would allow the opportunity to establish a common voice among podcasts. I think people would love to hear and grow familiar with regular MIX personalities guiding the discussions.
- The interviewer also plays the role of "first listener" and represents them. The interviewer can ask questions, ask for clarification, even potentially challenge an idea to draw out deeper thinking.
- Also simply adds to the variety of voices and expertise.

Regardless, I think one important thing would be to keep introductory material short. I often listen to multiple podcasts consecutively, so I'm always appreciative when the podcast and the interviewer waste little time diving in to the topic!

Thanks again!

chris-grams's picture

This is a great idea... I know quite a few people who can only get their management innovation time in via listening on runs, in the car, etc.

Wondering if we should try this with M-Prize winners first, so do a podcast interview with each winner where they share the story for those who don't have time to read the whole entry or would simply like to hear the story in the winner's own words.