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Productivity was the central tenet of Taylorism—the foundation of today's business management.
Barrier by Pujan Roka on March 31, 2013
We have known about servant leadership for more than four decades since Robert Greenleaf introduced it in 1970, but how come we know only a handful of servant leaders?
Hack by Pujan Roka on May 17, 2012
Adam Smith's book ‘The Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations,’ also known in short as ‘The Wealth of Nations,’ set the foundation of capitalism.
Story by Pujan Roka on October 30, 2010
Can we derive meaning and purpose from everyday work beyond the usual personal and organizational goals typical in the business world?
Hack by Pujan Roka on September 8, 2010
(Original article appears in the Chief Executive Magazine.)When Robert Greenleaf coined the term ’servant leadership’ more than 30 years ago, he observed mediocrity in organizations, including his own
Story by Pujan Roka on June 11, 2010
If you came across the Foxconn suicide news recently, then you might have speculated about the working conditions in China.
Barrier by Pujan Roka on June 5, 2010
When Sun Tzu wrote ‘the Art of War’ thousands of years ago, it was meant to serve a rightful purpose and that was for military warfare.
Hack by Pujan Roka on May 15, 2010