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This hack discusses the importance of the selection process of a leader in any organisation, and suggests that the team mates should select their own leader; rather than letting others (i.e.
Hack by Mike Katash on October 3, 2011

Bestselling author and MIX Maverick Seth Godin makes a case for why all the value goes to artists today--and describes what it takes to do work as art.

Using personal and social networks (Web 2.0) to invigorate and motivate others to achieve dramatic results in a very short period of time.
Story by Raymond Campbell on January 13, 2011
The key feature is team participation & the emphasis on synergy .It is about removing hierarchy in team build up & trying to correlate on a horizontal level for smooth participation,coordinati
Hack by Mitrajit Biswas on December 2, 2011
Working as a manager at Zappos, I created this hack when my own team was ready to lynch me! We really needed to get our team aligned, fast.
Hack by Robert Richman on November 4, 2012