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Many citizens in western democracies are now distrusting politicians and political institutions, and also feel increasingly powerless about the local and national political scenes.
Hack by Georges Romme on February 18, 2017
Every Public Sector organisation across the world is facing some challenges caused by the current economic state, which means that - as part of wider organisational considerations such as property ass
Hack by Heidi De Wolf on December 10, 2013
We are proposing an experiment which would result in:1) New public sector governance models,2) New capability transfer to staff in public sector,3) Allocation of part of public sector budget to citize
Hack by Magdalena Pawlowicz on December 9, 2011
Staff working in the public sector (Government, Local Government and Agencies) –are – for the main part – working on very similar agendas.
Story by Stephen Dale on July 12, 2011