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A revolution in management is brewing...

Around the globe, at every level, in all kinds of organizations, inspired innovators are staging inventive experiments to make their organizations as adaptable, creative, engaging, and accountable as the people who work there. In the past, it was difficult for management innovators to share their experiences directly with others — but now we have the MIX.

Dig into these real-world case studies of management innovation, and mix it up with the positive deviants who are changing the game. Have you tried something new? Share it here and see what others think.

The MIX Lab / Stories

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

How a central London public service team morphed into a high performance dynamo, raising the number of training interventions by 621% and reducing unit costs by 79%.
Story by Tony Nelson on December 9, 2010
For the past 3 years, Deloitte has been hosting an enterprise social network, D Street, to build connections, enable collaboration and foster innovation across the organization.  This y
Story by Patricia Romeo on December 4, 2010
My firm is developing a business processes improvement with an international company in order to set the best practices to execute the company´s critical tasks for each process.The main goal of the pr
Story by Enrique Hernandez on December 2, 2010
You want me to do what? Our culture primarily sees the glass half empty. That's not a new notion for some of us.
Story by myron pierce on December 2, 2010
Current managment was adaptive when the first big corporations were born.
Story by Carlos Herreros on December 1, 2010
Some of you may know the renowned photographer, Yann Arthus Bertrand. He is particularly famous for his series of shots of "the earth viewed from the sky".
Story by Olivier Lavergne on November 30, 2010
Did you ever watch the movie "Paths of glory" from Stanley Kubrick with Kirk Douglas?
Story by Olivier Lavergne on November 30, 2010
There are a lot of people who are loosing their jobs and income which affects families and the whole society. Coach people in all ages and over branches to create jobs and opportunities by using
Story by Christer Edman on November 25, 2010
Most managers manage by telling their workforce what to do, without realising that telling them what to do actually destroys their ability to do it.Telling people what to do creates the resistance tha
Story by Peter A Hunter on November 21, 2010
It begins with you! In the greater sense of all aspects there are no cultural differences. Many of today’s existing, foremost believed cultures are simply pictured by different markets environments.
Story by Hans Soentgerath on November 7, 2010