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Around the globe, at every level, in all kinds of organizations, inspired innovators are staging inventive experiments to make their organizations as adaptable, creative, engaging, and accountable as the people who work there. In the past, it was difficult for management innovators to share their experiences directly with others — but now we have the MIX.

Dig into these real-world case studies of management innovation, and mix it up with the positive deviants who are changing the game. Have you tried something new? Share it here and see what others think.

The MIX Lab / Stories

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

Setting up a new business requires a good deal of investment. From procuring machinery and arranging raw materials to coming up with marketing campaigns, there will be a lot of initial hiccups.
Story by Bhavna Singhal on November 6, 2019
The use of gift card Boxes for packaging your promotional or sales cards is always beneficial for enriching the presentation of your gift.
Story by Peter Anderson on November 5, 2019
For some people, music acts as an escape while some people consider music as a necessary part of their day-to-day routine.
Story by Twinkle Kalkanda on November 5, 2019
Outsourcing any service is a good option in many ways. The seller has a product to sell and buyer can buy the product, make it its own and then resell it further.
Story by Snehal Tanwar on November 5, 2019
Green marketing is a holistic approach to marketing and considered the newest one as well.
Story by Mona Alee on November 4, 2019
Instagram has gained phenomenal popularity and massive success in only 8 years.
Story by Kristen Smith on November 4, 2019
Why do people buy luxury watches despite being very expensive? There is a lot of answers to that question and it may also depend on those persons who are buying it.
Story by andrew thompson on November 4, 2019
The marketing approach has stirred to a more holistic approach rather than sticking to one medium.
Story by Mona Alee on November 4, 2019
With this information, we can say that Global Software solutions have improved with skills acquisition and experience based on the use of new technologies.
Story by David Smith on November 3, 2019
Smart technology along with automation are remodelling almost the way we live, alongside the Internet of Things (IoT).
Story by Mike Bravo on November 2, 2019
In this world, where health is the primary concern for people, they are constantly on the lookout for ways to retain, restore and regain their health.
Story by Marvin Power on October 31, 2019
 In earlier days the primary method of marketing for law firms, or for that matter any product, were print and radio ads, bill boards, and television commercials.
Story by shopia dicousta on October 30, 2019
  According to Statistica, a reputable organization for releasing statistics, more than 500 million people engage with the Instagram stories daily.
Story by Tayyabsaqlain on October 29, 2019