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A revolution in management is brewing...

Around the globe, at every level, in all kinds of organizations, inspired innovators are staging inventive experiments to make their organizations as adaptable, creative, engaging, and accountable as the people who work there. In the past, it was difficult for management innovators to share their experiences directly with others — but now we have the MIX.

Dig into these real-world case studies of management innovation, and mix it up with the positive deviants who are changing the game. Have you tried something new? Share it here and see what others think.

The MIX Lab / Stories

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

Deep web is a secretive, dark and dangerous. It is that part of the internet which is hidden from outside world.
Story by Emelie Hyde on August 19, 2019
Certainly, just being visible isn’t something that will produce total success. Enron is a household name owing to its mismanagement.
Story by Angelina Harper on March 2, 2021
There are so many articles about productivity on the Internet and so many definitions that it is easy to get confused about them. So what is productivity? Does it mean 24/7 employment?
Story by Alina Moskalova on June 30, 2021
PrefaceI just finished another reading from my book stack. It is called The will of Power(German: "Der Wille zur Macht") by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Story by Chris Shayan on May 23, 2012
Keepitposted™ is a young multidisciplinary startup; using a ‘Holistic Approach’ to finding core components of the greater problems within our current economic environment.
Story by Raul ML Louren on April 30, 2012
Co-Authored By Thys de Beer
BORN Ontario delivers innovative management by enabling highly-trained professionals to manage themselves. An environment of “Management by Information,” provides tools for superior healthcare.
Story by Mari Teitelbaum on July 18, 2011
Co-Authored By David King
Current managment was adaptive when the first big corporations were born.
Story by Carlos Herreros on December 1, 2010
In order to sustain long term growth, organizations need to constantly reinvent themselves. But reinventing requires constant change, which may be hard to implement.
Story by Matt Shlosberg on June 24, 2010
In our organization a good portion of customer orders are customized. These customizations require people to think and engineer a solution to what they think the customer desires.
Story by Mark Bublitz on December 17, 2013
Enbraun is a software product company located in Jaipur. They have been providing solutions to many fortune 500 companies since 2010. The founder of Enbraun, Mr.
Story by Alex Swan on July 18, 2014