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A revolution in management is brewing...

Around the globe, at every level, in all kinds of organizations, inspired innovators are staging inventive experiments to make their organizations as adaptable, creative, engaging, and accountable as the people who work there. In the past, it was difficult for management innovators to share their experiences directly with others — but now we have the MIX.

Dig into these real-world case studies of management innovation, and mix it up with the positive deviants who are changing the game. Have you tried something new? Share it here and see what others think.

The MIX Lab / Stories

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

Cybercriminals spend their time looking for new ways in which they can bypass security measures.
Story by Elianna Hyde on February 8, 2018
Talking about Innovation and doing Innovation are different things.  Just as teaching innovation around made up problems (like designing a new kitchen) is vastly different than working on real wo
Story by Charles K Knight on May 15, 2019
In this article, you’ll read about the top7 e-commerce innovations you should know about.
Story by Angelina Harper on May 8, 2020
I have completed the process to self-publish a book I have worked on for over ten years. I have been a first line manager for over forty years.
Story by Jim McGriff, Jr. on April 28, 2021
As new seasons see more people starting to buy more, retailers have every reason to be wary of shoppers, It’s not only consumers who have to be careful of the tricks of retailers, but online retailers
Story by Martin Couzins on August 20, 2021
A broker is needed if you believe that you need a coverage solution for some or all of your business.
Story by Mike T Deane on June 24, 2022
I managed to finish writing a book or so called booklet called: How to lead IT knowledge workers.This book is based on this story:I have heard around always knowledge workers need special type of
Story by Chris Shayan on February 2, 2013
Few companies organize to walk multiple paths to re-invent themselves.Note: if you have a strange feeling of "Been there", or "Read that" no need to flip, and get out the lap.
Story by Frederic J.Leconte on January 4, 2013
Co-Authored By César Awad
Migros is the largest retailer in Switzerland. The company has been always intimately involved in the country's social, communal and economic affairs.
Learn the 3 T’s of Leadership Motivational Communication: what to say, when to say it and how to say it!
Story by Skip Weisman on September 19, 2011
Across my work life, I often find myself in a situation of managing a fairly young team and trying to draw my team out and getting them to step forward to lead.
Story by Wynthia Goh on June 6, 2013
Is it true that you are looking to help the individuals who are not able to go to class because of a physical incapacity or would you say you are a Student who is not able to go to class?
Story by James Henry on April 6, 2015
Consistency is not foolish to me. I make sure I follow the same routine daily. I think this consistency if good for my coworkers and my employees.
Story by Jim McGriff, Jr. on October 29, 2015