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To tackle big, thorny challenges, you need big, unconventional ideas.

That’s what you’ll find here: boundary-pushing proposals for changing the way organizations work and leaders lead — from setting strategy to allocating resources to designing work to rewarding and compensating individuals.

Check out the disruptive ideas and radical fixes posted by your fellow MIXers below — and join them in stirring the pot by proposing your own. A hack can be as seemingly basic as a better way to run meetings or as high-stakes as a complete overhaul of the compensation system — as long as it turns the tables on management-as-usual and offers up a pathway to progress on one of the moonshots.

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A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

The most companies require document for report concerning what employees did and have done.
Hack by SungSup Hyeon on May 2, 2010
In areas where obsolescence is quick and products and services have lifetime very short, why spending effort and resources writing, signing, registering contracts that will be useless pretty soon?
Hack by Miguel Sacramento on May 1, 2010
In India, electricity energy is getting lost considerably during transmission (20 to 30%).If you reducetransmission loss, you can save Rs.68,000 crores per annum which is huge amount.Since most of the
Hack by Venkata Krishnan on May 1, 2010
My dream for the College of Business here at SF State University, is to develop a truly new format of graduate business education where we create businesses as a fundamental aspect of a cohort-based s
Hack by Aaron Anderson on April 20, 2010
Actually you don't require people in the position of Vice president, senior VP, GM, Senior GM,AGM, DGM etc.
Hack by Ashis Kumar Maity on April 18, 2010
Build and foster shared learning environments where employees can openly share knowledge, best-practices and tools.
Hack by Malte Holm on April 16, 2010
Company organization structures are not democratic by definition.Who decide who will lead the Company?Shouldn´t be a democratic vote (from all employs) better for popping up meritocracy?Organization e
Hack by Giovanni Franzese on April 16, 2010
Senior executives should spend some time "incognito" with front-line staff to find out how the company really works.
Hack by Michele Zanini on April 12, 2010
I think that we have tried the "Management is Accountable and Employees are Responsible" thing. How about make the employees the managers - They are accountable for the team's success.
Hack by Chandru Narayan on April 12, 2010