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Unleashing potential

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Unleashing potential


If we can focus our performance conversations on the higher order objective of liberating human potential we will drive productivity. performance and passion.  Human beings are endless sources of untapped potential.  We are the competitive advantage of the future.  Let's free our people and see the upwards spirals of positivity flood our organisations with success!    

First Steps (extra credit) 

By directly linking acknowleging the value of all people to the vision and working with their strengths to optimize their engagement and performance.  Organizations are self-limiting systems at present driven by old fashioned hierarchial processes and practices.  Using Positive Organization Development practices such as Appreciative Inquiry, Compassionate Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Intentional Change Theory we can engage all people in the creation of the vision, it's execution and the monitoring of performance. 


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You are so right. Hopefully, most HR people would also agree. How can we also get the Finance community onboard? These guys sit on top of lot of the stuff that needs to change. Stifling budget processes, narrow definitions of performance, and tight follow-up regimes.

Any ideas?