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First of all getting high impact performance which should be sustainable for long time (for individual and teams and companies) and much more satisfying (to all employers to employees and society) that’s the challenge for all of us, because performance management is not just the business challenge but the social challenge is well. Examples: parents are managing their children to get high performance in all areas, governments managing everything to make sure countries perform well. Some have gotten right way to but I believe most haven’t. so my goal for this sprint is not just to contribute but collaborate and add clarity to find the best solutions which should not only be how to get the best out of people with the way they want and like to be guided and led but also what’s best for them.

And before I start, special thanks to Bjarte Bogsnes for this idea and all other MIX community, for their spirit to contribute. I appreciate your all efforts, because it’s totally worth it.

 I think all the performance management system is made around the ideology of insurance (how to implement systems and processes so that we can get expected results constantly with predictability and insurance). And this is not relevant today and certainly not for the future.  What’s really required is not just to change in policies and processes but the philosophies and ideology behind those policies, processes. Secondly this had been reinforced by the believes of top people in the inability of first and middle level people to manage themselves effectively towards the productive end. That’s why top people have lot of emotional equity invested in this traditional performance management. But the fact of the matter is that all those first and middle level employees are not taught, trained and provided tools so that they cultivate conceptual capacities and manage themselves to deliver constantly high performance without the need to manage by somebody else. For this we need to redefine performance and performance management. (I will share this later in this)

For better performance and better performance management few things are very important to be needed or changed as you read and reflect all the ideas and thoughts.

Coaching approach rather than managing : Managing where managers or top people just say or order what you should do and how and need all things done on time as manager’s way and anything in between that’s not manger’s problem, it’s yours, figure it out, that’s why you are hired! Where in the coaching you understand people and their situation by their point of view and help and train, coach them to overcome.

Spark the self-motivation and self-leadership: High performing people know themselves well, they are SelfSmart first. They know their strengths, weakness and what works best for them in order to perform well. So if they know themselves well they can grow themselves well. In 21st century when knowledge is gone from institution to individual, self-leadership and autonomy comes in the role. And as the business environment become more complex and demanding putting faith in the ability of a single individual or team to lead is not just enough, viable. Sometimes top people sometimes viewed all employees as just doers who are hired there to follow and execute their plans, not as the thinkers and doers who can be more useful and resourceful in terms of ideas, suggestions. High performers need more freedom and time to think and act not just to be puppet. Make the structure more adaptive so they get more choices and do it their way. Providing employees training, tools and mentorship to be SelfSmarts so they can self-manage themselves to deliver high performance. Natural leaders emerge from it.

Performance as contribution: Performance should not just treated as numbers that’s looks good and tasks, things done but what impacts have been created by the things done, not just finically but psychologically and spiritually. Because that’s going to spark passion within the people. Looking not just what was done but who have done and how things were get done. Not just how many thing you had done but how many of which types of things you have done.

Collaboration than competition: Peer to peer collaboration as the team is very important in this high performance demanding competitive business environment. Competition should be positive sense like how much you contribute than how better you do better than your peers, which create less politics.

From all these points in order to redefine and label (radical and relevant) for performance management I have entitled this as PeerPlayPay. Because of course peers are important they can do better role than managers then playfulness of people that increase engagement and that lead to innovation and last Pay means not what people get but what they give (pay to) and what they becomes through it.

Now here is how I redefine the Performance and Performance management

Performance:  People accomplish/achieve things via connecting to create to contribute like community.

Performance management: Provide the cause, culture of coaching so that people can connect to create to contribute like the community.

So PeerPlayPay is the radically redefined form of performance management which shifts the focus from the ideology of insuring performance by managing to the ideology of nurturing relationships (which is ultimately the better insurance for performance without traditionally managing it) by providing people the cause, the culture of coaching so that they can connect to create to contribute like the community.

What is different about new model PeerPlayPay Vs. Traditional Performance Management and what we should change.

First is ideological shift from the ideology of insurance to the ideology of nurturing relationships.

Right culture that include Coaching approach rather than managing, Spark the self-motivation and self-leadership, Performance as contribution and collaboration not competition (not just limited to these points)

Redefine the work (to perform) for cause to make the work more meaningful for people to feel them like community.

First Steps (extra credit) 

I designs the PeerPlayPay model which can be useful to experiment (it must be customized for every organization)

First People hunt : In order to implement PeerPlayPay in your company just find out people who are passionate about to make radical change who have authority to run small base experiment, put extra time and efforts. Need 3 to 7 people (if they are in one department its better). Everybody should understand the PeerPlayPay

Now Dream Discuss Debate Decide and Do it

After people hunt and  Dream Discuss Debate Decide and Do it phase just set up an online networking where everybody can stay connected and share. (You can call PeerPlayPay net!). Everybody share their goals on online or offline in meeting, so that everybody know to offer help of any kind. Every person has Thanks comment button, when somebody help somebody and they think this is helpful they can give them the Thanks, which is visible to everybody.  More Thanks can lead you to next leader qualification and extra bonus.

Instead of filling direct report daily, everybody is advised to use video or audio blog with fix online table simply describing what they have today. They can say whatever they want to in the video or audio blog. They can say not only what was done but how, why almost everything

Now what should be everybody doing everyday it may be different for everybody but here are things you should consider

1)         Your everyday basics which include what you have decided.

2)         Reflect and think on your work for at least half an hour.

3)         Take assessments for your skills and behaviour then read, listen and watch to identify, develop you’re not just the basic skills but the conceptual skills.

In the end of week, meet for 2 hour in which every body think, share and present their ideas on these things

1)         Create 3 success moment to achieve for us as the team.

2)         Create 3 experiments for the month

3)         How can we accelerate 20% everything

4)         Rethink on our strategies, improvement and correction.

5)         Share success story if someone has done something worth sharing so that everybody get positive energy.

Lastly there is no end this is just an idea we can improve and customise to deliver high performance. Because as MIXER I dream that every individual in every organization should become self-improving, self-correcting, self-managing high performing human being. Performance management should unleash purpose and passion not pressure and politics and truly nurturing every individuals to perform high that any one has ever imagined.

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Soon I will provide further about this in my Hack and all your FAQs.I’d like to invite everybody to share their views.