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Enable Communities of Interest within MIX

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Enable Communities of Interest within MIX

By Ben Biddle on February 20, 2013

Reinventing management is a very broad topic. Underneath its umbrella , there are MIX community members with differing areas and degrees of interest as well as members who are facing very immediate and specific challenges. Right now, it is very hard to discover and engage with other like-minded hackers -folks who share the same interest or are facing the same challenge, who may even have a workable solution. Make it easier to take conversations out of the relative isolation of the comments section of a hack and offer community members the tools to self organize around what interests them most. Something as "simple" as social tagging could accomplish this. Index hacks, stories, comments, everything with searchable tags. Allow community members to follow tags and see other members who are following the same tag, similar to how users follow questions and topics on Quora.

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I definitely think tagging would be a huge boon. I would allow the original contributor to tag their entries, as well as readers. In addition, readers could collect favorites, or notebooks of inspiration that are applicable to their own situation.

Knowing that the MIX exists has kept me going as an intrapreneur. I would love to be able to ask contributors for advice on how to move through the resistance.

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great idea, Ben! maybe there is even a way to do this within the MIX profile, where as part of filling out your profile, you could share the topics that they are interested in or have expertise in, and use this as a way to locate others who have similar interests.

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It needs to be a dynamic and easily searchable index of topics and interests (and experience). If you limit it to just something you fill out when you create your profile, it won't enable as rich a picture of your "interest graph" to emerge. You need to be able to form new connections on an ongoing basis. Most people are likely to fill out their profile once and update it rarely if ever after that. Adding something to the profile is a start but that alone would still fall far short of truly enabling emergent communities of interest withing MIX.