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Successful innovation is always problem-focused. And the most powerful solutions emerge when problems are clearly defined.

Even the most experienced management innovators bump into roadblocks that frustrate their progress. The way forward is to identify these barriers, break them down into solvable chunks, and focus on the high-value areas.

Here you can browse through the problems others are encountering — whether they're political squabbles, capability gaps, or resource constraints — and propose solutions. And, of course, you can bring your own barriers to the conversation. You might find that others have wrestled with the same issues and come out on top.

The MIX Lab / Barriers

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

While teaching about the importance of in depth conversations between managers and employees a CEO client raised this question.
Barrier by Peggy Hanley on June 8, 2011
I am Finance and Administration Manager, but My Country Director over rides my duties and even to make things worst, she comes to my office to do her work while am there.
Barrier by James Odongo on May 27, 2011
Designers are innovators, problem solvers, and implementers.
Barrier by jagadesh subash on May 21, 2011
I need some advice as to where to set up a free full access forum for this project to collate ideas from around the world.We want to change how drivers behave so that the road trip is
Barrier by Joe Rice-Jones on May 16, 2011
The mass retirement of organisations’ current leadership over the past few years, has and still is putting pressure on organisations, to re-examine their recruiting strategies to ensure that the a hig
Barrier by Busi Nkosi on May 4, 2011
Zero-sum budgeting has long been the practice for university &college operations, particularly in the public sector.  Essentially,when the city, county, and state governments are generating p
Barrier by Aaron Anderson on April 28, 2011
I've always admired CEOs who forgo multimillion dollar salary payments, like Jobs at Apple,but if you drill into the pay-scales at the top companies, you can seethat executive compensation has, well f
Barrier by Aaron Anderson on April 27, 2011
All too often, legacy programs get richly funded year after year, while new initiatives with potentially much higher returns go begging for funding.
Barrier by Gary Hamel on April 6, 2011
Standard office design creates isolation, reduces productivity & sabotages cooperation.  More collaborative management should begin with environmental change & design.    
Barrier by johnathan king on March 31, 2011
The more companies try to achieve efficiencies thru hiring tests, forms & parameters the more they also narrow and isolate themselves from potential candidates.
Barrier by johnathan king on March 31, 2011
The dominant metaphors underpinning management theory and practice are the machine and the organism.
Barrier by Michael Petit on January 28, 2011
With transformations underway in sectors like Energy, management practitioners & advisors need focus on understanding the fundamentals of the business, the underlying processes & how
Barrier by Bala Nataraj on January 9, 2011
I don't know if it is just me, but it seems that in various forums participants seem to place a lot of bearing on the source of an idea rather than its content.If an idea is mooted by someone who appe
Barrier by Gavin McLeod on December 18, 2010
New ideas and methods often get bogged down in small details, that, if left unchecked, could potentially grow into serious problems.
Barrier by Han Biemans on December 10, 2010