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Successful innovation is always problem-focused. And the most powerful solutions emerge when problems are clearly defined.

Even the most experienced management innovators bump into roadblocks that frustrate their progress. The way forward is to identify these barriers, break them down into solvable chunks, and focus on the high-value areas.

Here you can browse through the problems others are encountering — whether they're political squabbles, capability gaps, or resource constraints — and propose solutions. And, of course, you can bring your own barriers to the conversation. You might find that others have wrestled with the same issues and come out on top.

The MIX Lab / Barriers

A dynamic collection of real-world case studies from the MIX community

Innovation, that is transforming an idea into a valued solution, requires multi-dimensional capabilities.
Barrier by Claude Diderich on October 6, 2017
I would like to pose a question and this question seriously needs an answer particularly in my country (Iran).
Barrier by Jamal Ghamari on July 22, 2010
We're the largest sub in a global company HQ'd in France.  To "Control costs, Harmonize, Be more efficient..." the HQ org., has estabished technology shared services in low cost countries (Buchar
Barrier by Les Fondy on June 10, 2011
For innovation to prosper and novel designs to get funded, we need a more thoughtful language to communicate across isolated disciplines, with more clarity.
Barrier by Ellen Weber on September 8, 2010
The following 3 elements of modern business organizations are strangulating employees and organization while causing employee disengagement:1. Matrix organization design2.
Barrier by Ohm on October 14, 2011
While teaching about the importance of in depth conversations between managers and employees a CEO client raised this question.
Barrier by Peggy Hanley on June 8, 2011
The Board members are risk averse in promoting radical changes from past behaviour.
Barrier by Ravinder K on June 4, 2010
Let's face it, the last thing we want to do in a meeting with all the bigwigs is to say that our department has a problem and it could derail the project.  In business today it seems all we want
Barrier by Michael Colyer on November 26, 2010
When functional heads form alliances such that conformance to this inner circle takes precedence to freedom of expression; organisations will find themselves vulnerable to corruption, static performan
Barrier by LM on October 27, 2010
My work is about the establishment of ‘standardised methodologies’ for the measurement of time in continuously assessing and maintaining the health of an organisation.  The application of fai
Barrier by Kurt Rieger on November 28, 2011
The workplace climate is a more potent factor than organisational culture to employee engagement.
Barrier by Nick Mitchell on March 13, 2012
Whether its people or business opportunities  real insight - that helps an organisation improve- lies, I believe, in gaining insight on what decisions result in good outcomes...
Barrier by Gary Glennon-Alty on May 31, 2010
I have been working on the subject of Management Innovation ever since Gary introduced the concept in 2006.
Barrier by Jamal Ghamari on August 2, 2010
Ethics is good to hear, write and preach, but the question arises where exists ethics?
Barrier by PS DHINGRA on June 3, 2010